The Honey Bus: A Girl Saved By Bees

 by Meredith May

A memoir about a girl’s journey into the heart of a beehive to find herself.

When Meredith is abandoned by both parents, she ends up learning life lessons about family, generosity, and resilience from a rather unexpected source: the honeybees her grandfather keeps in Big Sur.

In a converted postwar military bus marooned in the backyard, Grandpa shows her the nuances of harvesting honey while the bees become a guiding force in her life, bonding her to the natural world and modeling a successful community that thrives on industry, democratic decision-making, and loyalty.

The exquisite relationship between insect and girl becomes a sanctuary from her lonely childhood, but when her increasingly despondent mother turns violent, she must leave her grandfather’s side and strike out alone with only his hive lessons to help her.

Publish date: April 2019 (Park Row Books/HarperCollins)