I Dream of Jeannie

My childhood friend Anita had a swarm move into this vase on her front porch and didn’t know what to do so she called me.

I offered to fetch them, but instead, she put live bees in her car and DELIVERED. (A few escaped, but she pulled over, all badass, and wrangled them back in.) We tipped the vase into one of my empty hives.

Easiest swarm capture ever. When these girls start making honey, Anita will get a delivery from me!


3 thoughts on “I Dream of Jeannie

  1. Meredith, My husband and I recently read your book and loved it. We knew your Grandfather. We lived at the Grimes Ranch for five years in the mid-70’s, just about the time that you and your brother came to California. We knew Franklin (and Rita) as a kind and wise sort of gentle giant. In reading your book we learned to love him even more. The story brought us back to a special time when we were introduced to and became part of the Bog Sur Coast. Singy was our landlady. We knew many of the people you mentioned in the book. The Honey Bus has made the rounds of the community and will continue to do so. It is quite a story.

    Heidi Hybl


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