A Tour Inside Grandpa’s Honey Bus

Here’s Grandpa, the man who taught me beekeeping when I was five, touring the inside of his World War II Army Bus – turned honey factory in his Carmel Valley backyard. He expounds on honey harvesting, why the bees are disappearing, and the proper way to remove a stinger.

This is one of the last videos I took of him before he passed away earlier this year. Note he wears no gloves when he sticks his hands in a hive!

6 thoughts on “A Tour Inside Grandpa’s Honey Bus

  1. I just discovered your blog and this post teared me up. Your book meant a lot to me and was recommended by my daughter who knows I not only love bees, but also love stories like yours. I’m so excited because in about 25 minutes, I will be joining you on Zoom while you do a talk about the book with the folks at Cuesta College (where my daughter works)! Thank you for helping people understand the importance of bees (in more ways than one)!


  2. Thank you for sharing this! So moved by your book, and our neighborhood reading group will be discussing it tonight. Looking for ways to support beekeepers in Washington state now.
    With appreciation for your courage to share your story,
    Jan Levine


    1. Hi Jan –

      Thanks so much for reaching out, and hope your book club had an engaging discussion. Lots to unpack there … beekeeping, family drama and Big Sur, oh my!

      Have a great holiday,


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