The Ferrari of Honey Spinners


This new machine makes my heart go pitter-pat. It’s the Italian-made Lega 28-frame radial extractor – so intelligently designed, the only honey spinner I could find that GOES IN REVERSE! The motor is underneath, so it doesn’t get sticky with honey, and the basin is convex, so it pours down through a down-spout that is actually tilted downward. I ordered it through

My beekeeper friends MaryEllen and Aaron came over to give it a test whirl.



The honey was a bit crystalized from cold weather, so using our collective beekeeper ingenuity, we employed a chick incubator, a heating pad, and a hair dryer to warm the honeycomb overnight before we got started. Plus some blankets and Carhartt jackets for insulation. Aaron was given the honor of the first spin:

The motor was so quiet, a nice purr. We extracted two 5-gallon buckets of winter honey from our gardens in San Francisco. It was a deep brown color, with notes of toffee and marshmallow.

A 28-frame spinner is a bit big for my needs, but more room means my beekeeper friends will extract with me. We got it all done in just two spins, leaving plenty of time to drink espresso.

3 thoughts on “The Ferrari of Honey Spinners

  1. I wish I had that setting on my oven, ingenious. Cleanup is easy, i boil water in a kettle and pour it down the sides to get the sticky off, then wipe it out with a sponge and dry it.


  2. NICE! So much more quiet than that 9-frame spinner. How’s the cleanup aspect? I also just spun down some winter honey that has the same basic characteristics. To uncrystallize it I have a bread-proofing setting on my oven that keeps it about 95 degrees. Perfect for getting that honey flowing without melting the wax!


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